Friday, October 19, 2012

Seriously, it is just really hurts to know someone that I love hurts

Although it's been awhile since she left for her new phase of life with new environment, new community and new life. But whenever I know she was hurt, it will only hurt me more. Only Allah knows how much I really wish to protect her from any harm, any sadness or anything could hurt her. How much I really wish to be her strength to keep her strong to go through her life.

But, deep inside I believe that she is much stronger than I thought...and yes she is...even so much stronger than myself.

Thus, from now on, whenever there were times that is too difficult for you, just to let you know that I will be there for you. Even though you might not even know it but I will do anything to keep you safe from anything that could hurts you.

I from now on will officially take the responsibility to keep each one of my loves one from anything that could hurt them. Anything...

Ya Allah, tetapkan hatiku, kuncikan janjiku, ikhlaskanlah tindakanku dan kuatkanlah aku agar aku dapat menjadi penguat kepada keluargaku kerana selepas Engkau dan Rasul Mu, merekalah kekasihku...
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